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Coming from a small town, I was sure there wouldn't be much to do in Cheyenne, Wyoming, but it turned out there was too much to do.

Tucked away in southeastern Wyoming is a small part of the state that is to the taste of the American West. There is also a small town square, the Cheyenne Plaza, and a few other small towns along the way. The place was also the starting point for our trolley tour, which was the best view I have seen in Cheysenne, Wyoming. It is also a convenient stopover on our way out of town, which led to a great day trip to one of my favorite places in the entire state of Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park.

Along the way, there were other western activities, from carriage rides to horse riding and a visit to the Cheyenne Hotel, which is not located in Yellowstone National Park.

Other points we saw were the Wyoming State Capitol, which was completed in 1888, the same year that Wyoming became a state, and built from locally quarried stone. Our favorites included a visit to the Cheyenne Hotel and a tour of Yellowstone National Park. Other attractions include the State House of Wyoming and its building, modeled after the Old West Building in Washington, D.C. and the Colorado State Senate, as well as the Denver Convention Center, Denver Museum of Art, Colorado National Historical Park, Wyoming Historical Society, CheYenne Museum and Wyoming Museum. Completed in 1887 - the same year Wyoming was to become a state - the Utah Legislature and Colorado Senate were also built in Wyoming.

The square is home to what is now the stately colonial mansion, and the Cheyenne Depot Museum is a treasure trove of information about railway history. The property is located about 45 minutes drive from CheYenne and is open daily from 9 am to 4 pm and from 10 am to 12 pm and from 3 pm to 6 pm and on weekends from 11 am to 4 pm.

If you're already planning a road trip to the Cheyenne region of the country, you can skip CheYenne altogether and make it your destination. If you are just passing through, or want to go on a weekend trip or spend a few days in the camp, it is a nice destination, and there is even a shuttle service. There are many hotels and restaurants in the area as well as a number of restaurants and bars, but if you are not really a keen street walker, there is a wide selection of local restaurants, hotels, bars and shops in and around the city. You can fly directly to Che Yenne, which is one of my favorite ways to make a simple road trip, especially for those looking for additional flight options.

The legend of Cheyenne lives on in the history books, and on your next vacation, the legends of the CheYenne will live on with you and your friends.

The Cheyenne has made its fortune from the railways, mining and cattle ranching that Dennis Macdonald built (Getty Images) This tour is a great way to get started - start your visit by showing off some of the best CheYenne Wyoming attractions. Our guide offers a profound insight into Wyoming's history from the beginnings of the railroad cattle barons to the present day.

Legends of the magical city in the plains come alive in the historic city of Cheyenne, Wyoming, home to some of Wyoming's most iconic landmarks. By preserving the heritage of this historic and modern Wyoming city, a visit to CheYenne can be a unique experience.

Downtown Cheyenne has plenty to explore, from the Wrangler Store, where you can try on cowboy boots and hats, to the Old West Museum and Wyoming State Museum. Learn the history of the cowboys by visiting the city's museum, or book a tour on the CheYenne Trolley, and hear sultry tales of gambling, salons, and brothels, as well as important historical lessons, such as how Wyoming became the first state to allow women to vote. Go back to Wyoming's early days as a border town and discover the rich history and culture of the Western United States and its people. The Museum of the Old East focuses on Western culture and history, such as mining, mining and mining, but it also includes Western artifacts and exhibits that shed light on the cultural history of the region.

The Wyoming State Museum was founded in 1895 and is a state-run museum serving as the official state museum of the state of Wyoming and a tourist attraction.

Terry Bison Ranch is located 7 miles south of Cheyenne and houses more than 2,000 bison on I-25. Located on the west side of the Cheysenne River, north of Interstate 25, it is a beautiful ranch with rolling hills and scenic views of Yellowstone National Park. The ranch, along with I-25, is home to more than 2,000 bison and is located in the heart of one of Wyoming's most popular tourist areas.

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