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The Frontier Mall in Cheyenne, Wyoming, has been closed for five weeks, and for frequent visitors it probably looks similar to the last time they walked through the shopping complex. Although the mall was closed this month, not many potential buyers waited outside for 11 a.m. when the doors finally opened. While most stores remained closed, shoppers who made the effort to get in were greeted with a first taste of shopping at the new mall. After five months of closure, the Frontier Mall in Cheadle, Wyoming, opened its doors to customers for the first time on Friday, April 14.

The new Directive requires that shopping centre and retail workers wear masks in public areas. Retailers are encouraged to offer their employees masks so they can wear them and interact with others. Shopping centre management and staff are required to wear masks when other people are present, and children's playgrounds are closed.

Shops and restaurants are obliged to follow the current guidelines of the relevant government regulations, which include social tills and markings, but cannot be limited to distancing themselves from them. Sellers and contractors are obliged to wear masks when other people are present, and playgrounds and parks are closed.

Frontier Mall officials said they had taken protective measures as such to keep their employees and customers safe. We urge anyone who has a fever or shows other symptoms to return home and contact a doctor. A statement from Frontier Mall said: 'We also ask all those with fever and anyone with other symptoms to stay home. For more information on the new measures of the shopping centre at COVid 19, please click here.

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Cheyenne's Frontier Mall could only look like the new normal until a vaccine is developed. Frontier Mall officials say they will closely monitor the health and safety of their employees and customers. He went on to say that things were back where they were before this silly virus was introduced. They say we will follow the guidelines set out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

There are some easily discernible changes, first of all there was no sign of shoppers passing by the Frontier Mall front door this morning. A sign hung on one of the doors, urging customers to "keep your distance" when shopping at the mall. It was introduced to encourage diners to 'exercise social distance' while they queue to pick up their groceries.

In the cordoned-off stores, masked employees were seen furiously filling shelves and huddling together to best serve customers while complying with Governor Mark's health care orders. While most stores were closed this morning before the mall reopened, shoppers passing by seemed happy to be back. Those in charge of the shopping malls say they are taking the health of the population into their own hands, not the government's.

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