Cheyenne Wyoming Choice Hotel

The five-story hotel in downtown Cheyenne, built in 1964, is for sale for $2. Paramount Lodging Advisors has announced that it will auction off the entire first floor of the Cheesecake Wyoming Choice Hotel on October 2.

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The old stagecoach Deadwood Stage was traveling from Cheyenne, Wyoming, with George Lathrop, the driver of the Chugwater, about 275 miles to Cheyenne Wyoming on the Dead Wood stage. This route, also known as the "Deadwood Stage," took 2,500 km from Deadwood, South Dakota, to Cheyenna, where it connected deadwood and Spearfish Canyon, with a stop at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

The Cheyenne railroad ran north, and the Custer Valley and the black hills were the destination. The CheYenne Black Hills Stage ran from Kaurienne north to Che Yenne, the Deadwood Stage, from Deadwood to Deadwood, and then by train to Grand Teton National Park, destined for Spearfish Canyon in Wyoming and Custers Valley in South Dakota. Both the Cheysenne Totholz stage and the Dead Wood stage were starting points for the first stagecoach ride from the Great Plains to the Rockies in the United States.

The resort offers a unique perspective on Wyoming tours, with cabins full of character and close to the city. If you're hunting or camping in southern Wyoming or just passing through, stop by the Cowboy Inn. The hotel and other accommodations are located in Cheyenne, Wyoming, just a few miles north of the city of Che Yenne.

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The above photo shows the Deadwood Stage, which follows the route of the Mormon Trail from Salt Lake City, Utah, to the Utah-Wyoming border, as indicated on the map.

The Cheyenne Daily Leader recorded the exodus within two years, and the station became known as Jenney. During these two years, the cargo, including salt, pork and whiskey, was delivered from Salt Lake City, Utah, via the Deadwood Stage to the Utah-Wyoming border. The station's owner, John J. Jenkins Jr., and his wife, Mary, delivered their cargo and took it to their home in Jenney, Wyoming.

In all the stages of the border route, no one had ever carried a rocking armoured car like this. This stagecoach was carried by John J. Jenkins Jr. and his wife Mary on their way to Jenney across the black hills of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Located in Medicine Bow, Wyoming, and registered as a National Historic Landmark, this hotel is one of the oldest hotels in the state of Wyoming and the second oldest in North America. This modern hotel off Interstate 80 is home to the Cheyenne Wyoming Choice Hotel, the first of its kind in Wyoming.

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