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In addition to opulent design, decor and amenities, each non-smoking room and suite offers unparalleled service that has earned Peabody the title of Best Hotel in Las Vegas for the past three years. The Cheyenne Wyoming Accor Hotel and Casino in Wyoming, one of the most famous highway havens for adventurers and road trip adventurers, celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2012. A Vegas landmark for 50 years, this family-run Ellis Island Casino Hotel & Brewery features a number of award-winning restaurants and a world-class spa, spa and fitness center.

Motel 6 is one of the cheapest motels in Las Vegas, with $6 paying an average of $10 to its employees. The hotel's location in the heart of downtown Vegas, within walking distance of the Strip, is enough to entice travelers for a warm overnight stay.

The highest-paid job at Motel 6 is general manager at $56,000 annually, while the lowest-paid job at Motels 6 was desk clerk at $17,500 annually. The chain offers the best price - with an average salary of $10 an hour for its employees. No 6 Employees earn an average of $25,000 a year, or $12 an hour, or $1,200 a month.

Learn more about jetting tubs, hot showers and other amenities at Cheyenne's hotels by applying online or calling 1-888-743-5555 or online.

Motel 6 owners also operate Studio 6, the chain's extended hotel, and Mitchell offers accommodations for $2.00. Star India Restaurant and Waffle House serves as the hotel's main restaurant and offers free parking and vending machines. High-speed Internet access is available in all hotels, and Motel6 offers great benefits to employees and works hard to promote a service-oriented corporate culture. A 10-minute drive from Cheyenne and within 10 minutes drive are the motels of CheYenne itself: The 108 room, 2,500 square feet, two bedrooms, 1,000 seats Cheienne Inn & Suites offers 108 rooms and features seasonal outdoor pools and sun deck seating.

The aim is to ensure the safety and functionality of the hotel rooms for guests and employees alike. The day-to-day operation of the hotels is maintained by team members, and staff such as front-door staff, security personnel and hotel staff help to welcome guests.

If you wish to bring a dog or cat and want to know if pets are allowed at Motel 6 in Cheyenne, WY, please read the hotel's pet policies. If you are thinking about bringing pets or cats and want toiletries: If your pet is allowed, you should read our Pet Policy before you arrive at the motel or hotel room. If you are thinking about bringing pets or dogs and / or cats and want to know if pets are allowed, then read this Pet Policy before your stay.

Check whether your hotel accepts pets at the Cheyenne, WY Marriott Hotel or at any of our other hotels in the area.

The above benefits information was provided anonymously by a current or former Motel 6 employee and may contain a summary provided by the employer. We # We added Metro Jobs in the Metro to ensure access to the latest information on jobs and benefits in our region. Check out our 7-in-7 Glenview hotels ranked and rated at # 3 and the 5-and-under hotels at the Cheyenne, WY Marriott Hotel.

You can send an email or fill out a contact form on the Motel 6 website at www. You can also call Motels 6 at 888 - 743 - 6200 for more information on reservations or call 1 - 877 - 567 - 4357.

WYWe are looking for a motivated duo to run our legendary G6 Motel 6, an established, independent 24-room motel in Cheyenne, Wyoming. DUTY, we hire a MANAGER and have to find the people we know best based on the salary development. Discover what works well in Motels 6 and Studio 6 and what doesn't work well in the new and exciting world of hotel management.

We need top-level staff to ensure the location of Motel 6 Careers because we know that the hotel provides the highest level of service and support to our guests, employees and guests. Our doorman helps us to fulfill our mission of keeping the rooms clean and free of garbage and helping the housekeepers when needed.

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