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The Wyoming Brewers Festival will celebrate Wyoming's great craft beer scene and the state's great food and beer culture.

Wyoming may not be the No 1 state for delicious food, but with great drinking and colorful bars, it's hard to beat.

The cowboy state is a great place to eat beef, but it also offers restaurants that spruce up traditional border foods in a modern way. The cuisine here is typically American, with year-round menus filled with a few seasonal specials that rotate every month. If you prefer to taste a bit of several different flavors, there are also many options for those who prefer a bit more meat-centric experience.

As well as burritos, the R & B also serves a wide range of other dishes, including chicken, pork, beef and pork ribs. If you're hungry, look for the beef burrito or the hot dog and chicken sandwich, both of which are available for $5.

Take a seat at the lounge bar to enjoy a barrel or bottle of beer, or take a liqueur to round off the evening with a fine dinner. There is a pleasant selection of draught drinks, beers and liqueurs that are perfect to sip while waiting for the next meal, such as hot dog, hot dog or hot chicken sandwich. For a hearty dinner, serve or drink a glass of wine, beer or wine with a side of chicken or pork ribs and a plate of tacos.

Bring your appetite with you, as there are burgers, brats, pizza and more to keep your energy up throughout the day. For a sweet finish to a deliciously spicy meal, choose one of the desserts every day as a main course or try a more satisfying joint meal for two. Malaysian dishes such as fried okra, curry panang, kimchi, chorizo, pork belly and more, with one side of rice or rice noodles.

For an extravagant dish full of tempting flavours, order the crab cake at the market, which starts with a plate of oysters on half a bowl and is then served with a cold carrot and garlic soup. To make your meal even more chic, order a grilled chicken breast, a bottle of good wine with your main course or start with the market - street crabs and cakes. For a fresh - daily cut - Delmonico rib eye with bacon - prawns in envelope or go out with an oyster and a glass of wine.

I love croissants, but the 3 egg omelette comes with a quinoa cake, so when the friendly lady takes your order, switch it over and go to a flour tortilla stuffed with crab meat, onions and spices, topped with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic and coriander and served with portions of rice and beans.

Brock and Amanda got the cheesecake with raspberry sauce, and I still rave about how incredible it was. Frankly, there's nothing like a slice of cheesecake with whipped cream and a dollop of raspberry sauce on top. The pizza was ok but service was slow and there were no instructions on how to order or what to eat, just a list of toppings.

We got the Ranch Hand Randy's Burger, and it was definitely the right way to start our journey. We had a lot of ground to work on but we wanted to move on, so it was an easy decision.

While they have a mishmash of American and international favourites, the staple at Poor Richard's is the 28-day-old steak. The menu is full of treats, including hot dogs, burgers, fries, salads, sandwiches and a variety of side dishes. It's basically a whole order of great meat on the table that goes up three fingers, but it costs just $7.00. Basically, there are four different types of ice cream, each rolled up and contained in ice, plus a few other options.

The way the state (except perhaps Montana) behaves, it is probably one of the best places to eat in the entire state of Wyoming.

The menu is huge, the dishes are inexpensive and the service at Tokyo Bowl is excellent - you don't go hungry or angry. The menu really seems to have something for everyone and even if you have a picky eater at your party, you will find something you like. One of the best locally owned restaurants in the entire state of Wyoming and a great place to celebrate with friends.

Live music from the house band provides entertainment throughout the evening and guests are welcome to dance until the night if desired. Great food, including a wide selection of local craft beers and wines, and great food round off the event for the whole family. The LCMG will host a free garden presentation, followed by a live music performance by the local band, the Bluegrass Band, at 7 pm.

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